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Legend of the BottleTree

October 27, 2010

I was inspired to do a little yard decorating after writing a story on the BottleTree Beer Company for my newspaper. Fifteen wine bottles later that inspiration became a reality.

What you need:

Wine bottles (Various colors and sizes)

Metal pole (large)

Small metal poles (Match the number of wine bottles)



Put a post in the ground, I suggest cementing to keep it from falling, and insert the large metal pole. Using pliers, pinch the end of the smaller poles down, bend to make it look more like a tree branch and drill into larger pole. Repeat until you like the number of branches you have created. Then place your bottles on the end of the small poles.

Legend of the BottleTree:

The bottle tree, once a common sight in the South, dates back to 9th century Congo where hanging hand-blown glass was a talisman against evil. Branches were stripped of foliage, then covered with colorful glass bottles. Mesmerized by the color play of sunlight, evil spirits were lured and ensnared, their moans heard whistling on the breeze…

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