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Creative Costume Concoctions

October 31, 2010

Since I had to work this year on Halloween, we had our party a day earlier and let me tell you the costumes were amazing.

I hope my creative friends can inspire you too!

Pumpkin and Grapes (Pumpkin won for most awkward costume – and it was)


Humongous felt costume

Construction paper leaves pinned to green shirt

Headband with orange construction paper and leaves



Green foam

Fabulous purple eyelashes

Purple balloons

(Hint: She only pinned balloons to the front of her shirt so she could sit down)

Cowboys and Indians

Cowboy (well Cowgirl really)

Toy guns (Kmart – $9.99)


Button-up top


An attitude similar to Walker Texas Ranger



Beige fabric

Brown fabric

Earth-toned beading


Wolf and Captain Hammer


She made this head piece out of fabric, feathers and cloth

Funky outfit to go with awesome top


Captain Hammer (for reference see Dr. Horrible Sing-Along Blog):

Black shirt

Hammer logo

Black gloves

Sing a few ballads and you’re done




Up characters (Kevin won for most creative costume)


Boy Scout uniform

Backpack fully loaded



Orange and Yellow outfit

Tie-dyed sock for beak

Headband to place antennas

Multitude of feathers

Black construction paper for feet


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  1. Elle Bee permalink
    November 1, 2010 6:08 pm

    Thanks for these wonderful Halloween tips! It looks like you and your friends had a lot of fun! I bet channeling Walker Texas Ranger could make any costume better. 🙂


  1. Boy Scout Lantern Craft | All Crafts

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