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Easy Gift Ideas for the Holidays

December 14, 2010

This year I thought I’d make an effort and give my loved ones homemade Christmas gifts — and if I’m honest, I also wanted to be a little more frugal this holiday season.

Here are a couple gift ideas:

Drawer pouches – these are meant to be put in drawers to make your clothing smell good.

What you need:


Smell good stuff (you can find pouches with scented beads at Walmart), or you can use lavender – whatever you have access to




I simply traced a bowl so that it was a large circle, stamped my owl at the top with brown fabric ink and cut out the circles. Then I filled the fabric with my scented beads and tied it with a ribbon.

Pine cone elves:

I blogged about these adorable elves from earlier and they were super easy. I’ll be sending them to all my long-distance friends.

What you need:

Felt – red, green, white and blue (or feel free to mix it up)

Pine cones – I got the cinnamon ones to add a little more holiday

Wooden heads – find them at any craft store

Jingle bells – the smaller the better

Pipe cleaner – assorted colors

Hot glue


If you follow the link, there is a pattern for every part of your elf man. However, I just gut triangles for the feet and free handed it for the mittens, scarf and hat.

I hot glued everything to my elf, added eyes at the end and then hot glued ribbon to his back to make him an ornament. Now, I just need to ship them off!


Last of all is making your own felt stocking.

What you need:

Felt stocking (Target is selling a variety of colors for $1)


Felt glue


I figured out what I wanted and cut out the pieces. For this stocking, I cut out white strips to make it a striped stocking then I cut out the bird, a branch and two leaves to make the stocking a little more unique.

It took me about 10 minutes to finish the project!

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