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Cork Board Concoction

March 23, 2011

I found this great idea for a cork board with a twist. I want to make one for the kitchen to add recipes, coupons and whatever loose paper happens my way.

What you’ll need:

Lightweight fiberboard

¼” sheet of cork

Small sawtooth picture hangers

Heavy kraft paper

Utility knife with fresh blade

Liquid Nails

Jigsaw or jigsaw-wielding friend

Step 1:  Create a Template

There are so many different ways to make a template!  For this project, I “drew” the shape in Adobe Illustrator, saved the drawing as a  JPEG file, and uploaded the file to to be posterized.  Then I output the poster file, taped the pages together, and traced the now-enlarged pattern onto heavy kraft paper.  Once I cut the pattern out of the brown paper I had my template.  This method worked just fine, but if I had to do it all over again I would probably use an opaque projector and trace directly onto the brown paper instead.  Pick your poison….

Step 2:  Cut a Base

Using my template, I cut out a piece of lightweight fiberboard with a jigsaw to serve as the base for the bulletin board.  If you don’t have a jigsaw or other handy cutting device at your disposal, try bringing your template to the local lumberyard.  If they don’t provide pattern cutting services, chances are that someone working there will have a jigsaw at home and will be more than willing to help you out — for a price, of course!

Step 3:  Cut the Cork

Lay the fiberboard base on top of a ¼” sheet of cork, and use a sharp utility knife to cut the cork out into the shape of the base.  If you want to get super fancy, the edges can also be gently sanded.

Click here for the pattern

Step 3:  Glue it all Together

Cover one side of the fiberboard base with Liquid Nails, or any other heavy-duty glue you may favor, carefully smoothing it over the entire surface.  Lay the cork on top of the glue, being sure to line up the edges, and flip the whole thing over.  Place weights on top of the board — I found that heavy books worked really well — and allow to dry overnight.

Step 4:  Picture Hooks

As a final step, nail small sawtooth picture hangers onto the back of the board, one at the top and one at the side for maximum versatility.  Voila!

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