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Embroidery Isn’t Just for the Elderly

March 28, 2011

This weekend I finally had some time to do my own craft project so I finished up my embroidery project, which was mimicking some of the Emma collection.

It turned out so good and now I want to embrace embroidery and decorate every wall with my creations.

My next idea will be either a bicycle or unicorn. I found the easiest way to do it was to print up the picture I want and embroider right over it. It was a piece of cake.

Another idea comes from Design*Sponge:

this fun guest diy project comes from brooke premo, whose whimsical etsy shop is named playing grownup

CLICK HERE for the full instructions!


  • Embroidery Hoop (any size)
  • Solid Color Fabric (enough to stretch across your embroidery hoop)
  • Iron-On Transfer Paper
  • Scissors
  • Iron
  • Kingthings font (download here)
  • Free Downloadable drop-caps (Brooke got special permission from Jessica Hische to use her Drop Caps for her private project)


  • Embroidery Hoop – (depending on size you choose) $0.95 – $1.95
  • Solid Color Fabric (may use leftover fabric or purchase about 1/2 yard) – roughly $2.00
  • Iron-On Transfer Paper – $10.00/ pack of 7 sheets (you will only use 1 sheet for this project)

Time: 1 – 1.5 hours


1. First decide what quote you would like to use. There are many websites with wonderful quotes which you can search according to themes (such as friendship, music, or wisdom). Or you may just have a funny saying or movie quote you would like hanging on your walls.

2. Find the first letter of your quote in your downloadable drop caps set. She has designed several drop caps per letter, so scroll through a while and choose the one that has the colors and design that best fits your decor and quote. Once you have chosen your beautiful drop cap, save it onto your computer.

3. Now you can create a file (I just did this in Microsoft Word, but the more computer-savvy folks may use Illustrator or Photoshop) that begins with your drop cap, then finished the words to your quote in the Kingthings font. You should keep the circular shape of the hoop in mind when typing the quote (as far as spacing goes), but you can cut and past after you print as well, so you don’t need to create a completely circular quote in this step.

4. Follow the directions on the back of your transfer paper to print your quote. (Don’t forget to flip the image since you will be ironing it on.)

5. Iron your fabric so it’s nice and smooth before you begin to iron on your words.

6. Cut out the individual words (you may not need to do this if you made a circular image already) and test them in your hoop to get your best shape and spacing. Do this on the surface where you will be ironing on the words, so you can keep your nice shape and begin ironing. (Remember, the quote will look backwards at this stage because it should be a mirror image, and the printed side should be facing the fabric.)

7. Still following the directions on the transfer paper packaging, iron the quote onto your fabric.

8. Once you peel away the excess paper, put your fabric into the embroidery hoop as taut and snugly as possible (tightening the hoop’s screw as you go), then trim away excess fabric around edges.

9. Now you can hang the hoop from the ceiling using string, or hang the hoop directly onto a nail on the wall. And now you have beautiful needlepoint with no need for needles or thread!

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