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Newspaper Nails

June 22, 2011

I have a select few items that I call my favorite things: Tights (all colors), dresses, floral patterns, crafts, newspapers and nail polish (again, all colors).

My friend showed me her nails Sunday and the combination of two of my loves made me want to immediately take out my caboodle, take off my orange nails and get out the gray.

With the assistance of my amazing sister, Autumn, my nails are absolutely beautiful!

How to:

1. Paint your nails a light, solid color. I tried two different pinks and failed epically. The gray, however, did the trick.

2. Cut out fingernail-size pieces of newspaper or magazine.

3. Once nails are COMPLETELY dry (this mistake also happened during my endeavor) you’re ready to begin.

4. Soak nails in vodka/rubbing alcohol (either works) and put paper on the nails.

5. Once paper in dry, rewet and remove.

6. Give the ink a moment to dry and apply clear top coat.

Now you have some amazing looking nails. You’re welcome.


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