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The Adventures of Ms. Betty and the T-shirt Scarf

February 13, 2012

Meet Betty.

She’s super nice and now she’s who I want to be when I retire. I met Betty while working on a story on a group of women who craft every Monday morning.

They make hundreds of crafts from baby caps for the local maternity ward to care pillows and lap blankets for those in the hospital for cancer treatment along with knitting stuffed animals for children going through traumatic times.

On this particular Monday, though, Betty had her sights focused on making the new fad in scarves: The T-shirt scarf, and she said she would be more than happy to not only show me how but to make me one!

Make sure your T-shirt does not have a seam – Betty said it won’t work if it has a seam.

Remove the hem line then fold your shirt leaving a 2 ½ inch space.

Cut inch-wide strips – my scarf had nine cuts and was a nice size, but you could do bigger too and it would still be cute.

When you’ve cut your desired lengths, grab a buddy and pull! I will say, Betty has got some strength behind her. If there’s ever a tug-of-war competition I want her on my team.

This is how Ms. Betty stretches her scarf - she says it's exercise and fashionable.

Here’s mine!

Ms. Betty made me this beautiful black scarf, which I rocked the whole rest of the day at work!

You’re done, now go out and look cute!

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