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Dart Art

May 31, 2012

Remember that scene in Princess Diaries where Mia and her mom throw darts at a blank canvas?

Well, my friends and I recreated that fun on a smaller level.


Acrylic paint


Thumb Tacks





Step 1. Mix your paint with a little water (that will help the paint spread better)

Step 2. Pour the paint into the balloon before blowing it up

Step 3. After blowing up the balloons, tack them to the board. If you want a certain pattern on the canvas, pre-tape with painters tape

Step 4. This is where the fun begins! Grab your canvas with balloons attached and head to an area that you won’t mind a little bit of unpredictable paint.

Step 5. Throw your darts at the board – the farther and faster the bigger the splatter!

Step 6. Let the paint dry before removing any tape or handling your new artwork.

Enjoy your new artwork!

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  1. May 31, 2012 3:12 am

    This is a unique idea!

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