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Here Comes the Bride, and another Bride, and another Bride

April 10, 2013

This has been a crazy year for me – I have multiple friends getting married and all of them are so special to me that I can’t see myself going off and getting them some gift from their registry and calling it a day.

Instead, I’m taking this opportunity to try and craft something special for each of them. The hard part now will be to decide what!

Here are some ideas and some projects I’ve completed so far with lots of opportunities to do more still to come —

Embroidery with couples name or initials

Embroidery with couples name or initials


Write out song lyrics and frame a special memento


Make the bride a necklace with the couple’s initials


I mean, could it be any cuter?


For my friend Leah, I painted a picture frame and framed her wedding invitation with some matting I picked up at a local craft store.


Happily Ever After pillow


You can create a whole recipe book for her and ask her family to add their favorite recipes.


Frame the state and location of the wedding.


Use scrap book paper and canvas to create a wall decoration worthy of the couple’s new home together

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