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Creativity at Work

July 25, 2013

It is my firm belief that craftiness can be anywhere at any time. So today, I’m showing off my work desk and some of the craftiness that has crept onto it over the past few years.

creative work desk

Some of my favorite things about my workspace is all the color. I love color everywhere I go so having the bright post-its and other knick-knacks at my side makes for a happier day all around.

creative work desk

A few years ago a co-worker of mine experimented with making paper flowers and gifted me with this gem. I love it because A.) It’s themed perfectly since I’m a reporter for the very newspaper the flower is made of and B) I’m a big fan of floral anything.

I also love, love my pen collection. My friend Leslie started this tradition of bringing me back a pen from her vacation adventures and they’ve become one of my favorite items on my desk and souvenirs. (It’s useful and sentimental!)

One of my past projects is also displayed here. I took this idea from Pinterest and painted the side of my business cards to add a little flare. Individually, it’s not that noticeable but together it helps brighten up an otherwise dull card.

creative desk

I am constantly getting business cards and I got to the point that I knew I had the card and I needed to get some information from the card, but the card was among the dozens of others in a huge pile. So I decided to create my own Rolodex out of a memory box and index cards. I glued some pretty scrap book paper to the  index cards and cut pieces of paper to label them alphabetically. It’s been so helpful and a cute addition to the desk.

cretive desk

creative desk

It’s a small desk, but it’s my home 40 hours a week and I love it. How do you make your work space your own?



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