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A Farmer’s Life for Me

September 9, 2013

i want to be a farmer

I took a tour of farms across Okaloosa County, Fla., yesterday and something hit me. I want to be a part of that world. I want to look out into my crops and see miles of green. I want to feed my friends and family food I planted. I want to be a farmer.

Now, I realize this isn’t going to be an east task for numerous reasons, chief among them being that I own zero plots of land. But my heart swells with the idea of picking my own fruit off the vine and unearthing carrots, so a farmer I will be.

First step, according to my co-worker who actually has a farm, is to start a compost pile. Hmm …

compost pile 101

I’m also a big fan of literature. Here’s one book I’ve found, but I’m looking for more that are helpful so suggestions are wanted!






I think first for me will be herb growing – it seems to be the easiest of all the farming possibilities. I’ve had a mint plant I’ve managed to keep alive for a few months so I feel like I’m practically there!

growing herbs

HGTV has some really helpful information on there website, so if you want to start a farming adventure yourself I suggest checking out this page >> HGTV

debt-free farming

Finally, I found this website, which is not quite where I’m at yet, but soon! Debt-free farming. I want this to be enjoyable and fruitful (get it, ha ha) but I’m not rich by any means so this can’t be too costly.

So check this out >>

Happy Farming!






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