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Let the Games Begin!

November 17, 2013

humger games crafts

What time is it? Oh, that’s right … It’s HUNGER GAMES time!


My favorite part of movies like the Hunger Games is that there is so much more than just watching a movie. Super nerds like myself can throw a little craft party in preparation for the film to wear while attending said film.

And I never miss an opportunity to dress up!

humger games crafts

I brought out my craft storage and lots of things to be used in whatever crafting capacity the guests would like. If you folks at home are wanting to have a party like this I suggest some headbands, clips and lots of felt.

humger games crafts

I made myself and some of my out of town folks who will be in town when I see the movie girl on fire headbands. Oh, yeah!

They were super easy to make. What you need:

Felt – orange, yellow, red

Marker – black, to draw out flames


Glue gun

Headband – Dollar Tree sells cheap headbands in a four-pack

humger games crafts humger games crafts humger games crafts photo 4 photo 3 humger games crafts

My friend Kim went for an Effie-inspired headband – and boy did she do a great job! Funny enough, the flowers on her headband on from the last time I made Hunger Games accessories.

What you need:




Raw talent

Pipe cleaner – if you want your headband to stick out as awesomely as Kimmy’s

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4 humger games crafts



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