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Obsessions: January edition

January 26, 2014

This month has been so exciting for me with trying new items, pursuing new challenges and even adding new crafts to the repertoire!

Here are my current obsessions:

Homemade cards (these are Valentine’s Day themes since it’s just around the corner!)





I’ll be sending my love notes out in a few weeks to some of my favor people.

I’ve also been researching on a change in my diet. This month I’ve gone vegan and scratched anything that isn’t whole wheat as well as sweeteners. It hasn’t been easy but my skin looks great, I’ve lost weight and I feel really good.

These ladies make some pretty compelling arguments on why you should go vegan, I highly suggest reading.


I’ve always had a thing for nail polish. In fact, I have gone through my share of kaboodles with the gobs of polish I possess. This month, Birchbox sent me my favorite color of the moment: Ruby Wing’s color changing polish in Mini Kitten Heels.



My favorite piece of jewelry is a key necklace my pseudo little sister gave me as a graduation gift. Look up The Giving Keys to learn more about its extraordinary mission.

Classic Pendant

Life’s been challenging for me these last few months and the word Kaitlynn chose to gift me with was just what I needed: infinite.


Life is hard and that’s a fact. But God is always on your side and His time line will work itself out for His will. Sometimes, though, that’s hard to swallow and in moments like that I’m grateful for amazing people and adorable jewelry.

I’m also knitting, obsessing over Lauren Conrad’s “Beauty” and applying for every job opening known to man since I graduated last month and am ready to say yes to a new job! Anyone looking, I’m ready and willing to relocate!


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