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Pinterest Party Take 2

July 29, 2013

pinterest party

My mother and I have decided it’s time for another day of crafting! Pinterest Party Take 2 to commence!

Here are some of the ideas I’ve been looking into actually doing (to see links click here):

diy file cabinet

diy file cabinet

I’m becoming a more responsible person and, I believe, in order to do that I need to start with a filing cabinet. But who on earth wants a dull, ugly file cabinet in their home? Certainly not me. So now the decision, how to decorate?

diy mouse pad

In the last post I showed off my work desk – it’s not amazing, but its mine. I really want to add a cute mouse to the mix. My current one was handed down to me when I started working at the Daily News four years ago. In short, it’s gross and ugly. Time for a change!

diy wall decor

This nail art is one of the newest fads in the world of crafting and I am really wanting to jump on board. I don’t know why, but deer heads are really intriguing to me. Perhaps it’s my southern roots. Perhaps its better than killing one. Perhaps I’m just weird.

diy baby boy gifts

I just found out my best friend is having twin (!) boys and I really want to get her something special to celebrate the news. They’re not due until January, but it’s never too soon to start crafting.

diy wall decor


I don’t have a ton of wall space that isn’t decorated in my room, but I think if I add something to the wall it should at least be practical and, of course, cute. These simple cork boards are perfect for my purposes!

Happy pinning/crafting everyone!

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  1. Gowri Krishnaswamy permalink
    October 12, 2016 8:52 pm

    How did you mount the cork boards onto the wall?


  1. 19 Ingeniously Smart Cork Board Ideas For Your Home - The Veranda of ideas

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