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It’s a Bachelorette Party!

September 13, 2014

My little sister will soon be heading to the alter so a bachelorette bash full of diy projects was surely needed! Her future husband’s last name is Fruchtman, so we decided to do a play on words and theme the party with “Fruchting” (pronounced, Fruck-ting) at the center.

Permanent Marker
Hot Glue

Getting Nailed:
Washi Tape (I chose some sweet silver glitter washi tape)
Nail File
Nail Polish
Tags (I found chalkboard tags at Target)


We made pink lemonade and cut up lemons to make it look cuter. Super easy – just buy some from your local grocery store. I suggest the Old Time Country mix. We borrowed the drink dispenser from a friend.IMG_6898.JPG

We found an adorable chalkboard at JoAnne’s and my friend Kaitlynn used chalkboard paint to write on it. She’s got talent as you can plainly see! You can get the paint at JoAnne’s or Target.IMG_6895.JPG

We decided to make our own headband for the celebration – we found something similar online and then added our own spin:

White Headband
Silver letters (also found at JoAnne’s)
Stick-on pearls
Hot Glue

Black fabric paint
Black stick-on pearls


Scrapbook paper
Permanent Marker
Hole Punch

We used scrapbook paper and twine to make the letters – we just cut the shape we wanted and used a hole punch.IMG_6934.JPG

We bought a dozen mason jars, cute paper straws and stick-on chalkboard lettering to make cups for each of our guests. (all found at the one-and-only JoAnne’s!) For the cupcakes, we ordered from Publix – they looked much better than anything I could have done and used a cupcake holder to liven up the display. Kaitlynn cut up bra- and undie-shaped toppers for the cupcakes (she’s clearly meant to be a party planner).

Scrapbook paper
Wood toothpicks

IMG_6897.JPGAfter the lingerie portion of the evening, it was time for the party! We slapped on some adorable tattoos and headed out for sushi, a piano bar and some dancing the night away. It was a pretty good time.

IMG_7005 10685548_10152771421126614_7965519634986212362_n 10632764_10152771421411614_8709706908780825920_n 10393812_10152771421256614_622534947638925513_n10685367_10152769538416614_4341140674407844940_n

So excited for the rest of the bridal festivities for the little one. Congrats again, my love!

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  1. Steph permalink
    June 18, 2015 7:17 pm

    I love that headband ! Can you describe in detail how you made it ? Thanks !

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