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New Year’s Resolutions

January 2, 2016


Happy New Year!

I’m your average 20-something woman. I want to lose weight, eat better, find my hidden abs, etc every year. Then for good measure I throw in less tv watching, more book reading and so on.

But this year I want to do something different. I want to make a list that goes beyond the typical – I want to get crafty, I want to learn, to challenge myself, to fill my apartment with all the homemade items I can and have someone say, “Where did you buy that?”

“Oh, I made that myself!”

So I am declaring on this blog my Resolutions for 2016:

  1. Learn calligraphy. I love making my own cards, but the way some people write BLOWS MY MIND! And I want to get in on that action.

  2. This one is pretty obvious if you follow this blog: I want to blog more! I want to do one post a week with a challenge or update or something. Once a week – easy peasy.


    What? You and your sister don’t sing in the most high-pitched tone you can to celebrate New Year’s? Well, that’s a mistake.

  3. Hone in on my cooking skills. I love reading blogs about people cooking and baking these wonderful dishes while I hear my microwave churning my dinner of the night. NO MORE! I’m going to get out the pans and dishes I never use and challenge myself. Fingers crossed it tastes decent.

  4. Upholster a chair. This one has always seemed really hard to me. I can do a cushion seat – but a chair? I have one that needs a re-do, and I will be the one to do it!apartment decor
  5. Craft more. Since moving to Central Florida away from the helpful tools my parents provided I have really put crafting on the back burner. Grant it, it’s more challenging in an apartment as oppose to a garage and giant yard where I can spray, saw and making noise. But I love crafting and want to do it more!

    Screen Shot 2016-01-01 at 7.19.50 PM

    This photo has nothing to do with crafting, but look how cool we look. You would never know we were not in sync (my bad).

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